All of the Bones

Here are all of the bones – almost 100 of them. My favorite bone is #86 – a tooth. Here is all of them on the floor but you can look at pictures of each one (both sides even) below.


It took us four hours to take pictured of all of these bones. We worked really hard on this. First, we took the bones outside and we washed the hydrogen peroxide off the bones. Next, we brought the bones back inside and set up camera.

Do you see the black background? That, my friends, is a blanket in a box. I know, funny.

Now, we are going to try to put them together. Then I will e-mail some bone experts to help me figure out what they are.

Thank you all so much. Please vote and guess what animal these bones are from.



Now the bones are sitting in hydrogen peroxide. My mom bought the hydrogen peroxide in a hair salon store. She bought four containers!

When I found the bones, almost all of them were completely green. When we put them in the hydrogen peroxide, it was mostly water. Now it is foaming. I hope it does not foam over! Here are some pictures of the bones now!

img_7088 img_7089

Bones in the bathtub

After we found the bones, we soaked them in a laundry enzyme solution. Can you guess where we soaked them? If you guessed bathtub then you are right. We soaked them in my bathtub.

First, we had to put them in the tub. It was hard because they were fragile and we were being careful. We let them soak for 16 hours in a laundry enzyme soap solution.

Then we scrubbed  them. It was a very long process.

Now we are soaking them in hydrogen peroxide in a tub we put in my mom’s bathtub.  So, this way they can be very clean and white.

By the way, thank you so much for visiting my website. It means so much to me.

How I found them

I was walking in the woods when I saw a bone on the ground. It was white and stood out on the brown dirt. I looked around and I saw a lot of bones . They were everywhere.

I took them to my mom. Then my mom and I went back and found a lot more bones. I saw one under some leaves. My mom found a leg bone and I found one too.

We had to dig up the jawbone and the teeth. We even found some super deep in the ground. I had to climb under a prickly bush to get some. That’s how I found the bones.